The Three Curses

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Nant Gwrtheyrn Folk Tales: The Three Curses

Not long after Gwrtheyrn’s death, three monks arrived in the Nant on their way to the monastery on Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island). The local people, who were fishermen, took an instant dislike to the Christian newcomers, and rejected the monks’ idea of building a church in the Nant. As a result, the monks were forced to flee for their lives.

Disgusted by their treatment, the monks cast three curses on the valley:

  • The Nant’s ground would never be consecrated again, therefore nobody could be buried there
  • Members of the same family would not be allowed to marry each other
  • The Nant would succeed and fail three times, before eventually failing forever

Soon after the monks’ lucky escape from the Nant, a terrible storm took hold of the sea and all the men, who were out fishing, were tragically drowned. Without the men to support them, the women could no longer survive in the Nant. On leaving the Nant deserted, the first part of the monks curses came true.