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Throughout August we are running a series of legendary activity days at Nant Gwrtheyrn. They take place every Tuesday afternoon, starting 8 August and we’re really looking forward to them.

It’s funded by Visit Wales as part of the Year of Legends. We have so many legends and folk tales connected to Nant Gwrtheyrn that it made sense to get involved. We’re focusing on a different story each week, so there will be plenty of variety if people want to attend every one. There’s the tale of Rhys and Meinir, a tragic love story, and Elis Bach, a local man who got involved with some sheep rustlers. There’s also the story of Gwrtheyrn, a 5th-century king and Eluned Bengoch, the young heroine of a 20th-century novel set in the local area.

Each of the legends has different activities attached. We’ve got crafts and painting, a treasure hunt, acting workshops, puppet shows and storytelling. We’ll be hoping to take things outside too, provided the weather cooperates.

We’ve done similar events in the past, including at half term last February and they’ve always been really good fun. These are our first children’s events specifically for the Year of Legends, so we’re hoping these great stories will spark a few imaginations.

This isn’t the first thing we’ve done for the Year of Legends We had a very successful language course, called the Legends course which was very popular that we held back in May. We went through all the different legends of Wales with Welsh learners, using the stories as a way to teach the language. We also took them on trips to legendary places and had evening entertainment, so it was a really immersive way of learning Welsh.