Intermediate – Using

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This distance-learning (taught online) builds on Foundation level. The emphasis is on spoken Welsh and using the language in various contexts. Working in groups, in pairs and independently, learners will have plenty of opportunities to practise their Welsh and immerse themselves in the language for 5 hours a day over a three-day period.

  • give and receive personal information
  • describe, using a wide range of adjectives
  • express opinion
  • understand and use the words: this, that
  • learn the passive tense
  • congratulate and empathise with someone
  • expand vocabulary and useful phrases
  • chat with local residents (online)
  • Live Welsh-medium entertainment (online)

Those who register for this course will also receive 3 online ‘catch-up’ sessions with a tutor as well as an online ‘class reunion’ later in the year!

Welsh will be the main language of communication on this course, although students are welcome to use English in order to understand the most complex aspects of the language and the grammar.