Support continues for Welsh learners

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Despite the Nant being closed and Welsh language courses postponed, the Education Team are busy testing out new ways of learning and supporting learners, continuing to work work towards the goal of creating one million Welsh speakers.

Rhodri Evans, Nant Gwrtheyrn’s Education Manager explains: “Since mid-April, the team has been testing an online one-to-one service between tutor and learner, contacting the learners that were affected by the decision to postpone the courses individually.

“Initial feedback has been promising and the service will be further developed over the next few weeks, giving all learners a chance to practice their Welsh and discuss specific aspects with a tutor.”

The National Centre for Learning Welsh has recently announced a new course that will be fully taught online, with independent learning a crucial part of the course. The tutors at Nant Gwrtheyrn will be responsible for teaching two classes as part of this new national course. By working with the National Centre for Learning Welsh our tutors will receive specialist training, which is not only beneficial for their personal development but will also help develop the traditional education provision provided by Nant Gwrtheyrn once these uncertain times come to an end.