Cyrsiau Cymraeg yn Nant Gwrtheyrn

Our successful teaching methods complement other ways of learning the Welsh language and our fun and informal Welsh courses are supplementary to other course providers, giving learners an excellent chance to practice, revise and build their confidence.



Our courses give people the opportunity to practice each language skill speaking, reading, listening and writing but particular emphasis is placed on building your confidence to speak the language by encouraging you to practice your welsh as much as possible during your stay at nant.

Our experienced tutors adjust the course content slightly in accordance with the groups needs. You will never be in a class of more than 14 people so youre sure to get plenty of personal encouragement and attention.

Please contact us: if you have any other questions.

Courses Programme for 2023-24

We’re pleased to offer learners of all levels intense residential and virtual courses in our 2023/24 programme. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn Welsh with us either from the comfort of your own home or at our beautiful Centre on the Llŷn Peninsula. Choose your level and register today!

Nant Gwrtheyrn courses are supplementary, stand-alone courses with their own course files. Our courses complement the content taught on the national levels offered by other mainstream providers and are effective accessories to any other learning undertaken by learners of all levels.

Unsure about your level or wish to know more about our courses’ suitability for you? Contact us for an informal chat:

Mainstream Virtual Courses

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Mainstream Residential Courses

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Virtual ‘Use’ Work Welsh Courses

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Residential ‘Use’ Work Welsh Courses

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"Really loving the online Cwrs Sylfaen: great tutor, relaxed atmosphere, motivated fellow participants, excellent course material, interesting exercises and activities and tangible progress. Ideal for distance or overseas learners. I’ll be back for the next level!"

Want to learn Welsh?

Living in Gwynedd or Anglesey?

Take advantage of our discounted rates for Gwynedd and Anglesey residents wishing to study with us on a non-residential basis. Book any 5-day residential course on a non-residential basis for £140 or any 3-day course on a non-residential basis for only £85.

Work Welsh

Looking to develop your Welsh to use at / for work?

Intensive (residential and online) Work Welsh courses at Intermediate, Advanced and Proficiency levels available during 2023.


“Whilst I am still only at the very early stages of this learning journey, my experiences at Nant Gwrtheyrn have been inspirational – there is no better place to learn! The setting is beautiful and a perfect backdrop in which to become fully immersed, with minimal risk of being distracted by other external pressures.”

Suzi Gray

“Learning via Zoom was a different experience, getting to know people in a different way, and people from all over the world. After all, you’re straight into strangers’ homes, with people from all over the world!! But it was excellent and an experience which I really enjoyed. It gave me something to concentrate on and even though I wasn’t at the Nant, I did get a feeling for the place from the course.”

Janet Walker

“Mutations and grammar have always been a stumbling block for me, but this course has definitely given me more confidence.”

  • Advantages of learning Welsh…


    By learning the language, which is spoken by over 700,000 people worldwide, you open the door to many opportunities and new experiences. Those of you who have already started learning Welsh are aware of the benefits of being able to understand and pronounce the language around you. You’ll have twice the choice of entertainment, with TV, radio and websites available for speakers of the language, and, ultimately, a wide range of literature spanning centuries.

    People learn Welsh for many different reasons: for work, for family, to feel part of the community, to name a few. But, whatever your reason for learning the language, the process should be enjoyable and one that gives you great satisfaction.

  • Lessons


    Usually, the Welsh lessons are held in the ‘Plas’, the former home of the manager of the quarry. The rooms are furnished with the latest equipment to enable us to offer a variety of learning methods, including traditional methods. Weather permitting, we aim to carry out some activities outside the classroom, enabling us to make the most out of the natural resources around the site.

  • Accommodation


    Students who attend our residential Welsh courses stay at the old quarrymen’s cottages which have been upgraded to a 5* group accommodation standard. Every room is furnished with oak furniture that is hand made in Wales and a traditional Welsh blanket on every bed. We have rooms suitable for wheelchairs.

  • Your free time…


    Students are welcome to use the lounge at ‘Y Plas’ throughout their time at Nant. The lounge is a convenient room for studying or relaxing during the evening. The café will be open during your time at Nant and the staff will be more than happy to encourage you to use your Welsh. Students will also have the opportunity to visit the heritage centre and the quarryman’s cottage during their stay and learn the history of this unique area.

  • The best course for you...


    We encourage students to discuss their needs with a tutor in advance and we aim to have all students on the course that is most suitable for their personal needs:

    If you are unsure of your level…

    You can contact our education team to discuss your needs: A tutor will not always be available as they will be teaching, but a member of staff at the Office will take your details and arrange for the tutor to contact you as soon as possible.

    Our tutors are always happy to help you choose the best course for your needs.

  • How to book…


    You can book a Welsh language course online.

    NOTE: To ensure that we give our learners the best possible experience – The Nant must ensure that a minimum of 6 learners are enrolled on any course before it can be confirmed that the course will be held. Should Nant Gwrtheyrn have to cancel a course, for whatever reason, you will be given 2 weeks notice prior to the course start date. Under these circumstances your payment will be refunded or you can transfer your booking to another similar course within 12 months.