Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

2022 Annual Meeting

The Trust’s annual meeting was held via Zoom on Saturday, July 23rd.

The Chairman, Huw Jones, presented a report on the year’s work. It can be viewed here.

Following the death of Dr Carl Clowes, the resignation of Clive Wolfendale and the retirement of Myrddin ap Dafydd as members of the Trust three new members were appointed, namely Rhiannon Ceiri, Martyn Croydon and Garffild Lloyd Lewis. A summary of their background can be found here.

With their formal term as members coming to an end, Jo Iwan, Ann Hughes and Phyllis Ellis were re-elected for a further three-year term.

Following a change of employment, Menna Jones retired from the position of Vice-Chair, while remaining a member of the Board.

Huw Jones was re-appointed as Chairman and Phyllis Ellis as Secretary. Garffild Lloyd Lewis was elected Vice Chairman. The Board would further consider how best to fill the post of Treasurer.

The successors of Owain Bebb a’i Gwmni (Emyr Mortimer) were appointed as auditors for the year on condition that the company in its new form is qualified to comply with audit requirements. It was agreed to review the situation for the future.