Get to know the learner

Gwenith Closs-Colgrove

Gwenith Closs-Colgrove was on an entry course with us in June.

Gwenith Closs-Colgrove was born and raised on a Welsh family farm south of Wymore, NE. Wymore, at one time, was home to many immigrants from Wales coming for land in the late 1800’s. Her great-grandfather came to Nebraska in 1878. Gwenith was baptized and attended the Calvinistic Methodist Church south of the farm, locally known as Bethel. In the early days, all services were conducted in Welsh. Her father, Ellsworth Closs, who passed away in 2000, was the last Welsh speaker left from this community.

Music was always a part of the Closs household and Gwenith began studying voice at Kansas University, later Doane College and most recently the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has been fortunate to sing in the U.K. and at Carnegie Hall in New York City as a member of many audition choirs.

In 2016, Ms. Colgrove, took over the role of President of the Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project and Archive for Welsh America. Since its inception in late 2000, the museum has grown exponentially with the assistance of many dedicated volunteers. The Archive now houses the only microfilm copies of Y Drych dating back to the 1850’s and many one-of-a-kind artifacts that have graciously been donated to us from many societies and individuals with a Welsh background. Gwenith is married to Gary Colgrove and have two sons and six grandchildren. Her goal is to ensure that all future generations are aware of this wonderful Welsh heritage and carry it forward

We asked 5 questions to get to know the learner:

What made you start learning Welsh?  My Father spoke Welsh.

Where is your favourite place in Wales and why? My favourite place is Nant Peris, my mother and father lay there.

How do you practice your Welsh?  I have used Duolingo and practice with my friend.

 What is your favourite Welsh word?  I really like bendigedig!

What was it like learning Welsh at Nant Gwrtheyrn?  A dream, I had been wanting to go for so long.